I was Laid Off Yesterday


I was laid off yesterday.

After 12 years of committed, hard work to a Fortune 500 Company (that I will not name), I was let go.  I did my job everyday.  Got to work early, left late… never missed a meeting or deadline.

I was one of 5000, moms, dads who had to go home that night and tell my family that I no longer had a job, no longer got a paycheck, could no longer provide.   What about that vacation? What about camp? What about grandma in the senior living center? What about health insurance?

Layoffs happen everyday. They affect millions of people and millions of families. I understand that sometimes a company needs to cut back to in order to be profitable, but I just hope this is not one of those cases where it’s to boost the stock so some shareholders could buy an even more ridiculous expensive car.

I hope to find another position shortly.


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