Kids Back in School? Now You Can Find Ways to Work—From Home!


August and September are exciting times for children and their parents—it’s Back to School time! Whether your kids started in August or more recently, school brings new schedules and routines. Kids may not enjoy the complete shift from summer’s free-form days…but most parents breathe a sigh of relief at going back to a “regular” schedule—I know I did! Even with sports and after-school activities added to the mix, it’s nice to have consistency instead of patching together activities for the kidsand finding other ways to work from home during summer break.

Back to school time and those new routines may open up some time in your schedule, too. As nice as it would be able to relax a bit and run errands in peace, without kids—it would probably be nicer to increase the family’s bottom line.

If you aren’t a work-at-home mom (or dad) now, you could be. Maybe you took time off work when the kids were little. Maybe you worked part-time and found it wasn’t flexible enough when your kids were younger. There are many ways to work from home available these days and they offer some pretty compelling benefits for stay home moms.

You can:

Work on your schedule, when you are available, so you can still do school drop offs and pick-ups—even drive on field trips and volunteer in your child’s class
Contribute more than your blood, sweat and tears to the family—extra money is definitely nice
Work from the comfort of your own home office, since technology makes it possible to be connected and available without being in an office
Build on your prior work experience and even expand your horizons with new skills
Reestablish your identity as something other than “parent” (because as much as that is a rewarding and important role, sometimes it’s nice to have something that’s just yours)

There are many legitimate work from home opportunities, and there are some opportunities to be wary of…those ones that sound too good to be true. Look on established sites such as FlexJobs, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Check with the Better Business Bureau if you are unsure—you’ll be able to see complaints and resolutions. And ask lots of questions to be sure any opportunity is the right fit for you.

LiveOps, a well-respected a cloud-based contact center provider, offers a variety of opportunities to work from home as an independent call center agent providing services to many popular companies and brands. If you are looking for ways to work from home while the kids are in school, this is a great time to apply for an opportunity at LiveOps.
This fall we are sourcing 5,000 new agents for work-from-home opportunities in sales, customer service, roadside assistance, insurance sales and claims, and healthcare. You can check out the agent opportunities on our website or join our Talent Community to get the latest work-from-home opportunities delivered right to your in box!

Good luck settling into those new routines and determining what works best for you and your family. Happy Fall!

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Karen Beaman is the Director of Agent Acquisition and Onboarding at LiveOps. She is responsible for recruiting talented, independent contractor agents to work from home and provide professional contact center services to LiveOps’ clients. Karen has held a variety of leadership roles in her 15 years of contact center experience and now leads her team in the development of cutting edge recruitment, crowd sourcing and onboarding strategies to effectively grow a large distributed workforce and improve the talent available in the cloud.


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