“JTGDesign” is a Graphic Design company that started from an idea we had to be able to have a business doing something that we loved. Based out of Lakeside, Arizona, we’ve been generating different graphic design projects over the years for churches, local businesses and online. We decided to try and grow in what we were doing and how it was being offered to others. We’ve always been intrigued by graphic design & computers, & thought it would be a great idea to generate a business of our own from this “hobby”. Started out small with only personal ideas & projects, but now would like to offer our services to many, including you!!

We have about seven (7) steady years of experience, and have been using our skills for all types of products and needs. All of this has combined to bring us to the point we’re at today. We also have a business in Audio Training (www.crosscountrystudios.info) and with this Graphic Design company, we will be able work with other ideas and projects.


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