I Don’t Need Your Help — And Other Things Moms Say


That above title used to be my reoccurring theme. I don’t need your help, I can do it all myself. Isn’t  that what mom’s do? We handle it all, at least that’s what they show us via various media channels. I didn’t know that by thinking and often saying the above phrase I was actually taking away my power and placing myself in the victim’s chair.

The moms that look like they have it all together are the ones that are praised and she becomes the poster child for what motherhood should look like, how a mom’s house should look, how the children should act, etc, etc.  The problem with this theory is that all moms are different, all children are definitely different, so trying to model your life off of someone else’s is often like asking that mom, “Hey girl let me borrow your underwear, yea those you have on would be great”. Could you imagine? We have been so conditioned to look at the outside but not the underpinnings of how that mom really makes it work.

So, I’m going to share the three magical ways to keep YOUR household together, are you ready because this is going to be revolutionary. Here goes.

  • Mindset
  • Skill Set
  • Tool Set

I know not at all what you probably expected, so let me show you how this works in helping you create your household rhythm, empower you and empower your family.


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