How To Stay Sane As A Work At Home Mom


work at home momStarting a business from your home can be very cost effective. If you’re a mother with young children, working from home or being a WAHM (work at home mom) keeps down costs like child care, office space, and accounts for 50% of home-based micro (less than 5 employees) and small businesses started by women.

Having worked in corporate America, I’ve often struggled with what I considered to be differences in my values and the values of the company I’ve worked for. It is during those times when I’ve needed to stay home with a sick child (fourth ear infection in three months) or work on a new product and I just needed a couple of months (of free time) to write the business plan and seek funding. These are the precise moments when I want to quit my job and start a business from home!

While this is not a ‘how to’ on the pros and cons of “Starting a Business 101,” I do want to focus on one small overlooked fact that may determine if your mental state of affairs can handle working from home. This semester I’ve taken a sabbatical from teaching to finish writing my most recent parenting book and was delighted that I could work from home. The good news is that I’ve had lots of quiet ‘me’ time to write. The bad news is that I realize how much I miss interacting with people; lots of them, every day. What I considered to be a small, insignificant fact didn’t dawn on me until the school year began last week and my peers and students were heading back to school. I would not be joining them and I felt slightly depressed. Oh no… Working from home was a dream come true. How could I be depressed about living my dream?

Maybe it was the long days in front of my computer with barely a break or walk outside. Or maybe it was the lack of scenery changes. Or just maybe, it was being unable to take a coffee break and talk about the latest fashion trend or student issue with my co-workers. I have resolved to schedule coffee breaks with other entrepreneurial friends weekly, take frequent breaks throughout the day, as well as enjoy a relaxing and fun treat once a week. That should be exactly what I need to lift the blahs. #workfromhomecrazies

C. Lynn Williams, also known as #MsParentguru is a mother, author & parent coach who loves helping parents have great relationships with their tweens and teens. You can follow her blog, Trying to Stay Sane and reach out to her on her website, Twitter (@cgwwbook) or Facebook.

 Her books include: Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen (St. Paul Press, 2010);
The Pampered Prince: Moms Create a GREAT Relationship with Your Son (St. Paul Press, 2012); and
Raising Your Daughter Through the Joys, Tears & HORMONES! (220 Publishing, 2013)


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