How to Spent Quality Time With Family Using AR Book “Little Blue Dragon”


It is important to not only spend time with your family, but to make it quality time. Modern technology helps us to work on creation of strong bond, love and happy relationships of family members. 

The Little Blue Dragon is an App for iPhone/iPad that offers families a whole new experience in using gadgets. It bears a noble aim of uniting parents’ generation which had been raised on reading paper books with the generation of kids who are digitally native and provide both of them with an opportunity to spend quality family time together. The App seeks to engage children into reading and makes the process easy, fun, interesting and educating! The Little Blue Dragon is an Augmented Reality App that has numerous features to offer: 

  • Unite children and parents while quality family time together
  • Stir kid’s fantasy, empathy and further develop their ability to use their imagination while exploring the Little Blue Dragon’s Augmented Reality world 
  • Create a positive impact on children’s development by providing the kids with a vast variety of tasks and options. The Little Blue Dragon App combines adventure stories, coloring books, magical images, interactive tasks and even helps kids follow up on a daily hygiene routine. 


Little Blue Dragon adventure story is the central component of the mobile application. “Read the story” is the first feature one comes across after opening the application. After clicking on it, the user gets to learn the story off a mythical creature, Little Blue Dragon, who is on a mission is to save the Blue Planet and restore the Dragon’s Lost Home. On the way, the viewer gets a chance to accompany the new friend and his other companions on their quest through the magical prism of augmented reality! “Read the story” feature offers 12 chapters of the story about the adventures of the Little Blue Dragon. Each chapter is supplemented by a coloring page available for printing. After the child is done coloring the page, he or she is welcome to bring the character from the page to life by using another feature of the app – “See the Magic”. 
The slot «Read the story» also offers a feature, called «Enter the portal». Clicking on it lets your child get inside the real mgical world and explore it together with the main tale character – the Little Blue Dragon – and the friends it makes along the way! The magical portal gives kids an opportunity to wonder around the enchanted world without leaving the room with the help of augmented reality!
Each story is supplemented with coloring pages that feature the characters of the tale. The coloring pages can be printed out straight from the devise. After coloring the pages, click on the “See the magic” feature and point the screen on the printed coloring page. The character, drawn on the page will come to life in an augmented reality world. Imagine the excitement of your kids when they witness the characters which they have just colored become alive and perform the tricks. You can easily do that with the Little Blue Dragon App! 
Yet another outstanding feature offered by the Little Blue Dragon App! Clicking on it will take your child to the cave where the Litttle Blue Dragon lives! The child can look around the place, but not only! The Little Blue Dragon is ready to help the little one settle the daily routine. In the morning, the Little Blue Dagon is brushing its teeth and would be happy to keep you child company during this activity. In the evening, the Little Blue Dragon is waiting for the kid to get ready for bed time together. The child is offered to find the lost pieces of a gramophone. One this interactive task is complete, the Little Blue Dragon and the kid will hear a soothing lullaby and go to sleep together. 
The lullaby itself is featured in the app as a separate item! By clicking on «Play the lullaby» you сат play the sleep song at any time you want. The lullaby is a unique melody that was created especially for the Litle Blue Dragon Project by talented artists in Los Angeles. The Little Blue Dragon Lullaby became a Fall 2019 hit on YouTube!  The lullaby has also recieved a Silver Award for Outstanding Achievement a Global Music Awards!
«Summon the Dragon» function provides you with multiple activities! By clicking on it, you and your child will instantly get a digitized pet-friend. All you have to do is tap on the place where you want the Dragon to appear (like table, sofa, bed, chair, floor, etc) and your virtual friend will join you that very moment. The Little Blue Dragon can greet you, fly and take a nap. You can also keep the memories of the moments spent with the Dragon! «Summon the Dragon» function has photo and video options with the help of which your kids can create cool pictures and short fun videos! 


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