How to Prepare Your Freezer for the Spring & Summer Harvest


It’s time to visit the farmer’s market. Yummy all of the fresh veggies and fruit, I love this time of year. This is also the time of year I rotate food and clean and reorganize my freezer. My freezer is in our storage shed and I keep a list of what’s downstairs in the storage freezer inside posted on the refrigerator. That way I do not duplicate items. When I need things from the freezer brought up to the house, I carry a laundry basket downstairs and restock the refrigerator freezer. It’s not a huge freezer, as a matter of fact it’s not even frost free (the next one will be for sure), but it serves the purpose for the two of us.

I love to freeze corn, peas and beans for the winter.  I also freeze tomatoes, sweeten peaches and berries and much more. It is so fun. But before I do that I must clean out the old and prepare for the new. In preparation for this, I stop buying meat for about a month and we eat what is in the freezer. I also make sure I use the oldest veggies and fruit first. I know when they were put away because I date every bag. I invested in one of those freezer sealers and I would not trade it for anything! No freezer burns and everything remains fresh for a long time.

Okay back to organizing the freezer.

  1. Once the freezer is empty, wash all shelves including the door frame, and all crevices. Pay close attention to the crevices around the door seal.
  2. Leave empty with only a box of baking soda for a couple of days before adding new food.
  3. Organize your items by shelves. Example, first shelf veggies, second shelf fruit, third shelf beef, fourth shelf poultry, etc.
  4. Once items are sealed, use a sharpie permanent marker to write what is in the bag (things look different once frozen J) and the date it was placed in the freezer.
  5. Freeze items in serving sizes to fit your family. Example for hubs and me, I separate family-size packages chicken breasts into packages of three. If we have guests, I simply prepare two packs but this way I do not have a lot of left overs or a lot of food wasted.
  6. If there is lots of food left at the end of the season, have a bar-b-q and invite friends and family over. That’s a quick and fun way to close out one year of food and prepare for the next.
  7. Finally, as I said above, make a list of everything placed in the freezer and the number of each item. Example 5 bags of fresh corn, 3 packs of port chops, 3 bags of pureed tomatoes, etc.
  8. I follow the same steps for cleaning and organizing my refrigerator freezer as well.

The beginning of spring indicates a fresh and new beginning in many ways and I use this time to replenish my garden, make small refreshes to my home décor and to also to replenish our fresh produce and food supply. Everything is so fresh and pretty at the farmer’s market this time of year. It really puts me in the mood to start fresh and begin preparation for the upcoming winter. It is a cycle…right?

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  1. Wow Clearissa, you sound super organised. And the way you manage your freezer, it may take a little time but well worth it in at other end, when all you have to do is grab your basket and collect from the freezer those labelled bits. Rather than standing there wondering what is where.

    I too am a fan of fresh fruit and veg but never saw it like freezing summer vegetables. After six months of summer fresh I actually look forward to the winter vegetables. But it is great food for thought. I am a single person living on my own, so I dont go to that extent of my freezer but I will definitely take a few tips and tricks from your post.

    • Thank you Rachel. Living alone, all of the tips may not be for you, but it works well for us and I think it could work for a family very well. Let me know if you adopt any of the tips at all. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. Hi Clearissa,

    Wonderful post indeed – very interesting and good to know 🙂

    Loved the tips to prepare your freezer for the coming season and all that you shared.

    Luckily for us, we get vendors coming right to our door-step all year through, and we get plenty of seasonal vegetables, so never need to freeze them, as fresh is the best. Unless of course we wish to eat this seasons fruits and vegetables a little longer!

    However, we do freeze corn, peas, ice creams and other such things. Being vegetarians, it’s just the vegetables for us, but that again, is an option and just for a month or two, when they become a little costly in the market, otherwise you get them all year through.

    Fruits too, we prefer going in for the seasonal, fresh ones as they are easily available, so one doesn’t need to freeze them. But I can understand it’s not possible in all the places too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead – and I hope you get my comment this time 🙂


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