How to Help Your Child Get Beyond Boredom Fast


5As the Mom of a formerly bored 8-year-old, I know how frustrating it can be when your kid’s schoolwork starts to lag. For Jessie, my youngest, the problem was one of boredom. Jessie’s teachers just weren’t challenging her – in today’s classroom, kids are taught how to pass standardized tests, not how to learn independently, be creative, or stretch their abilities.

I’m sure you know what I mean; when your child is under-challenged at school, she often becomes an underachiever. I looked high and low for something that would help Jessie feel more intellectually stimulated, something that would help her to develop her creativity.

Unfortunately, tight school budgets mean educators have had to cut out some, if not all, of the fun activities that help children learn how to imagine and create. Fortunately, after a tireless search, I found the perfect way for Jessie to enhance all of her skills and reinvigorate her passion for knowledge – the best part is she loves it!

Safari Tales helps children learn to be creative

Safari Tales is a new adventure game that we downloaded to Jessie’s tablet in the hopes that she’d be challenged, while also being engaged. The game did not disappoint! Some of its most impressive features are…

  • A secure Parent Area where I can tell the game Jessie’s reading age, and the session length I want her to handle.
  • When Jessie finishes each game, Safari Tales converts all her adventures during that session into a delightful interactive storybook.
  • I can also get notifications when she has completed a new story so that we can download it for her to read over again.
  • As she plays Safari Tales, Jessie gets a chance to be both an explorer and a storyteller.
  • She gets to learn about the African savannah and its inhabitants.
  • Best of all, the game has inspired Jessie’s creativity. After playing Safari Tales a few times, she began to make up short stories on her own. Look out, J.K. Rowling! My 8-year-old is coming to knock you off the best sellers list.

Things children like about Safari Tales

Jessie has told her friends about Safari Tales, and many of them have downloaded the app so they can play at home – which may be why the game has frequently been the number 1 selling Children’s and Educational app at the iTunes store. While writing this review, I asked Jessie to tell me what she and her friends liked most about Safari Tales. She was only too happy to help me out…

  • It’s an adventure game, which allows their imaginations to run wild.
  • They get to do all sorts of fun things, like play mini games, and discover and collect artifacts.
  • Each child gets five new baby animal friends to roam the African savannah with.
  • The Word Wheels are available for them to build questions about the animals and learn the answers.
  • They get to explore forests, rivers, caves, and even a gigantic ant hill.
  • Each child can choose to go to neat places like Sunset Savanna, where they see a beautiful sunset, Mudbath Mayhem, where they get as muddy as they like, and Catapult Canyon.
  • They get to paint their safari buddies with the Berry Blaster.
  • They can collect all sorts of goodies, like fossils, minerals and stickers.

As parents, we don’t want our kids connected to an electronic device all the time, but Safari Tales offers so many wonderful benefits that we like to let Jessie play at least once a day. Best of all, her schoolwork has improved – the creative problem solving skills she has learned through Safari Tales have helped her find ways to be creative at school, and to apply these techniques to her take-home assignments, too.


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