How to Enjoy Beach Travel with Toddlers on a Budget


I realize this sounds like a long list, but being the bargain diva that I am, I used my coupons. New to couponing? Me to. For some newbie tips, read here.

Not only did I use coupons, but I also caught a fantastic buy one get one free sale. That meant one item for the beach and the other in the pantry. Two birds…also, condiments were purchased in travel size and will be used throughout the summer for family picnics, and other trips for the family. No waste there. Shopping done. How am I doing so far?

Note: In case you are wondering what we do for dinner, we had that covered. We knew there would be a couple of pizza nights – easy breezy, of course, a couple nights of calabash seafood buffet, and my family loves breakfast so in a pinch, I knew I could pull together a quick breakfast meal as dinner if necessary.

Hubs and I have learned that eating out one meal a day instead of all three is most cost effective and although we do not usually require such a variety when it’s just the two of us, we do normally make sure there are snacks, breakfast foods and drinks available. This was just a small adjustment. J

Entertainment Preparation:

I realized we would not be at the pool or beach or playground or shopping or sightseeing 24/7 so where hubs and I would usually be relaxing on the balcony having some quiet time with a cool drink and a book, we had to entertain a 3-year old. So off to the dollar store for some reinforcements. I have a basket of toys here at the house (like all grandparents), but some are expensive and others are favorites and I did not want to take a chance on losing or leaving them.

I found some real bargains:

  • Cars
  • Books
  • Trucks

I stocked up and only spent $8.00. Score!! He was thoroughly entertained and for little money. Placed those in zip lock bags and another item checked off the list. I forgot to pick up a ball, but my daughter saved the day when we picked him up and provided the beach ball – that we never used I might add. Overkill?

Safety Preparation:

  • Swim vest for little one ($30.00)
  • Flip flops for the little one ($2.00)
  • Total Spent: $32.00 (very good investment)

That’s all it took to satisfy a little boy. Of course, there were other incidentals, but hey…it was a vacation, right? But this trip was much less stressful and fun because of preparation and bargain shopping.

The time spent was priceless, and I am already thinking of where to take him next. Maybe next time it will be a total family affair, but if not, hubs and I know we got this.

I realize every family dynamic is different. But I believe a little time spent in preparation goes a long way in planning and executing a good vacation. Especially with children.  I have created a checklist for beach travel with children and posted it to my site. You can download it there.

My advice, plan, plan, plan, and shop with a budget conscious mindset. You won’t go wrong.

Until next time…remember to think budget

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