How I Magically Grew 2 Extra Hands With Babywearing!


tulaAs a mom, you’re constantly trying to get stuff done. The dishes need to be done, the beds need to be made, the baby needs to be fed, dinner needs to be cooked, the toddler needs to be picked up, the dog needs let out, the toilets need scrubbed, the woodwork needs dusted, the laundry needs folded…. I mean really, I could keep going. How are we supposed to do all of this with only two hands?! I’ll tell you. Babywearing.

Yes, babywearing is magical. No more screaming babies, toddlers, or mama. Babywearing has been a saving grace in this household. When my toddler gets cranky and needs mama, I put her up in the baby carrier and continue on my way. I’ve sprayed off her cloth diapers, done laundry, made dinner and fed her a snack while having her on my back. It’s given me two hands free- to do whatever I need to do. Sure, I could just listen to the screaming child. I could just stop what I’m doing and give her my full attention. Or I can let her tag along and get my house back in shape after a long weekend.

This has been my #1 recommendation for new moms. You really can’t beat having a baby carrier. There was a meme I saw going around that said something like “Give a new mom a casserole, she eats for a day. Teach a new mom to babywear and she can eat whenever she wants.” And it’s so true!! You would not believe how many babies and toddlers just love being with their mommy and “help” them.

But what about my back? Modern baby carriers are made for support and comfort for both mom and baby. I can easily wear my 25 lb toddler on my back for hours and she feels like a feather. And let me tell you, I have NO upper body strength!!

Some really good brands that I’ve tried that are more than worth mentioning are Tula, Boba, Beco, Moby, K’Tan, Wrap Nap Fairy, and Snuggy Baby. Find yourself a good baby carrier and you’ll magically grow two new hands to carry your baby with AND get stuff done! 🙂



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