How Does Pilates Help During Pregnancy


During the nine months of your pregnancy, you will be going through a whirlwind of hormonal, physical and emotional changes. The newness of this experience and all the issues that surround it can be nerve-wracking and sometimes overwhelming. Especially if this is your first child, these changes can be a shock to your system. Being a hormonal volcano with legs can make you feel more than a little unbalanced, and the hormonal changes are compounded by the physical transformation of your body. This is a time of uncertainty, a time that you may feel out of control. All of these feelings and changes are quite natural, yet you feel that these changes are quite unnatural to you.

Pilates represents a new tool to use as a coping mechanism in this time of flux. Be assured that for both you and your child Pilates is one of the safest forms of exercise, by doing Pilates regularly, you will provide the best possible physical and emotional environment for you and your child. It is an amazing regimen that will allow you to feel beautiful and graceful and will promote inner calm.

As per PregnancyWeeks guide pilates will not only help you during your pregnancy but will help you to recover more quickly afterward. This method of conditioning will allow you to bring balance back into your life, physically, physiologically, and emotionally. Physically, you will become more flexible, you will have greater strength, and you will become more coordinated than you were before you became pregnant. Physiologically, Pilates will help balance your hormones and promote an inner harmony so that your body is operating at its best and as one efficient unit. Emotionally, Pilates will allow you to feel more in control of your life, more mentally balanced, more open to change and possibility, and better equipped to come at life from a place of strength and assuredness. Using Pilates, you will not only be able to maintain your activity level, your body, and your lifestyle, but over the course of your pregnancy you will improve upon it dramatically.

When you become pregnant, you are cast into a sea of hormonal and emotional upheaval. You will find that Pilates is an effective means to deal with and provide sanctuary from this storm. The time you spend doing Pilates is a vacation from the rest of your day, a wondrous activity that promotes calm and clarity, improves the health of your mind, and greatly enhances your inner life. You and your child will not only benefit physically by using Pilates throughout your pregnancy, but you will be able to rely upon Pilates as a means to relieve stress throughout your entire life.

Bodily coordination is certainly emphasized with Pilates, but truly it is breathing that allows us to achieve our intended goals in terms of movement. When you do any sort of stretching, it is important that you visualize breadline into the affected area. When you do Pilates, breathing into the area you are stretching will help you progress, allow you to go deeper, and eliminate or diminish any discomfort or pain. Think of what this can mean to you during your pregnancy.


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