Healthy dieting seems intimidating. How can I improve my family’s diet?


Maintaining a healthy diet is imperative if you want to keep your family healthy. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you are feeding your little ones all the healthy nutrients their growing bodies need.

First, make sure to decrease the amount of salt in your child’s diet. Healthy dieting should decrease blood pressure, not raise it. Eliminate sources of excess sodium like white bread and frozen, processed meals.

Next, make sure to avoid fats and added sugars. Did you know that these factors add calories and no nutritional value? Unhealthy fats are found in butter and red meat. This means you may have to cut down on French fries, desserts and bacon.

Your final step to healthy dieting requires you to put down the sugars. Sugar in fruit is excellent, but sugar found in foods lacking nutrition is awful. Treats should be occasional treats – not found in regular meals.


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