6 Steps To Be The Healthiest Mom On The Block


healthiest momIf you are like almost ALL of the moms I know, your life is filled from morning to night with cooking, cleaning, laundry, meetings, managing the kids’ schedules of playdates and soccer practices, grocery shopping, vacuuming, work deadlines, birthday parties, appointments, homework help and a few thousand other things. I know I could never mention them all.

In addition to this hectic schedule, we moms are also primarily in charge of our family’s food and lifestyle choices. I like to think of us as the gatekeepers to the health and wellness of our family.

Heavy task, true – but we got this.

Do you want to be the Healthiest Mom on the Block?

The way to get there is two-fold — optimize your own health and wellness, and create and support a healthy lifestyle within your home.

Here are 6 steps to be the healthiest mom on the block. Remember, to get there is a balance between taking good care of yourself as well as your family.

1. Start reducing processed foods: Many processed foods that fill our cabinets are full of controversial ingredients including food coloring, high fructose corn syrup, flavor enhancers, preservatives, MSG, GMO’s, trans fats and other things that are making us sick as a nation. Although eliminating processed foods altogether may be very difficult for a busy mom, reducing the amount in your home is possible: You can swap out processed snacks for more fruits and vegetables, replace sandwiches with salads and a healthy protein, and replace processed cereal with whole food smoothies. Keep it SIMPLE!

2. Stay active as a family: Cut down on TV, social media and technology device time. Leave cell phones behind and get moving as a family. Try hiking, playing in the yard, going for a walk or a bike ride with the kiddos. When your children see that you value being active and being more fit, they are more likely to value it as well.

3. Drink more water: Start crowding out the soda, juice and sports drinks by adding in more water. This might not happen over night and that is okay. Try introducing some fun fruit- or veggie-infused water. Let the kids pick which fruits or veggies to infuse in their own water. You can use fresh or frozen choices. Some of the favorites in our house are pineapple water, cucumber water and watermelon water! Yum!


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