Hattie Designs


Located in the picturesque Connecticut River Valley in beautiful New Hampshire, this one-woman team has designed, created and lovingly handcrafted a thoughtful collection of baby accessories since 2010. Hattie Designs line includes organic blankets, flannel blankets, organic burp cloths, eco-friendly wet bags and snack bags, as well as changing pads and mittens.
What do you instinctively do when holding a baby? Snuggle them close and cherish them. Hattie Designs organic blankets are part of that nurturing moment: soft, cozy and organic. Known for using materials that are warm and cushy, these blankets cuddle babies like a mother’s love.
New moms and grandmothers love the simplicity, craftsmanship and beautiful colors of Hattie Designs products. As gifts for new mothers, corporate buyers appreciate the quality of the fine organic materials from which the beautiful blankets are made.
Kathy Terry is an accomplished seamstress having spent the majority of her life next to a sewing machine.


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