The Hard Decisions: When Your Unborn Baby Has a Serious Condition

  • Some serious illnesses will cause your child to have a lifelong handicap. It’s important that you consider how that will affect the child’s quality of life. Are you prepared to teach him about overcoming adversity? Will he be unable to walk or be without the use of other appendages? Ask your doctor about the possibilities of handicaps and what you can do to improve your child’s quality of life in this case.
  • In some cases, a child’s mental capacity is damaged by a serious illness. If this is a possibility for your child, you’ll have to consider special education options as well as additional services to help him develop. Are there adequate facilities for this nearby? Will you be able to provide them and work with your child at home on a daily basis?

Talking to the Family

The only person that should be included in making any decisions regarding your unborn baby’s serious illness is your parenting partner. It’s not a good idea to include other family members in this decision because, ultimately, it needs to be yours and not influenced by the opinions of others. If your family does already know and tries to push you into making a decision that you’re unsure of, assert yourself. This is your child and you choose what is right for him. When the time does come to talk to the rest of your family about your unborn baby’s condition, assert that you’ve made your decision and arm yourself with all of the information that you can about the care and nature of the illness. Your quality of life also matters when making this decision. You have to do what feels right.


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