The Hard Decisions: When Your Unborn Baby Has a Serious Condition


Pregnant woman being examine by a doctor with a stethoscope isolThere is no wait that is longer than the one you have to endure while sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to hear about your unborn baby’s serious condition. Every second is a year and, when the doctor comes back in, you do everything in your power to read the expression on his face in hopes of having some preparation for what you’re about to hear. Nothing can really prepare you for that moment, though, and  the ones that come after it are even more difficult, those moments when you have to decide what to do with the information that you’ve received.

Quality of Life

Your baby has moved inside of you and so it may be difficult to view him as an “it,” especially if you already know the sex. To be unbiased during the difficult discussion about what to do with the information concerning your unborn baby’s serious illness is nearly impossible. However, your doctor and those around you can only make suggestions. In the end, you will have to decide how to move forward.

  • When it comes to surgery and treatment options, some of them are less invasive than others. Before you make a decision about one of these options, consider the quality of life that your child will have. Does the treatment have to continue when the baby is born and if so, for how long? Will additional surgeries be required and, if so, at what time in the child’s life will these procedures have to happen?


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