Be Happy With What You Did Get Done Today


I know it is easier said than done. Everyone says leave the chores; they will wait. That is true; the dishes stay put. Unfortunately kids and life don’t wait. They just keep going and going. Maybe ask yourself a couple of questions the next time those cleaning thoughts pop in your head. Does anyone really care if your china hutch is dusted? Nope. What about those silly dishes? I would hope not. Is your neighbor that popped in going to care if your bathtub is clean? Unless they came to take a bath; it’s really none of their business.

I always think that people are critiquing my house when they come over. But really no one sees the spider webs and dust except for you. (If you do have a visitor that makes a comment; hand them a rag). Sometimes you just have to be happy with what you did get done. Instead of thinking about all of the chores on your to do list that are incomplete think about the ones that are complete. Then think about the time that you spent with your family or that nice walk you got to take. You will feel better when you realize how much you do accomplish and maybe that will motivate you to do a little more or help you to see that it is okay to have some fun.


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