Half Way Through 2015: Realizing Your Goals


goals-runnergoalI want to ask you a question: How are your goals doing? It’s already July, and 2015 is quickly coming to a close. Are you working on creating a life you love or creating a life that your family loves? Us mom’s have this lie that we consistently tell ourselves, “If I make my family happy then I’ll be happy because …” Here’s why this theory doesn’t hold water, by totally ignoring your needs does not make you happier or healthier, it actually drains you and takes your family from being the joys of you life, to the thorns in your side. It causes you to view your family like a job, with your spouse and your children being your chief employers. So how do you remedy that?

How do you end 2015 on a high note feeling like you’re in control and not like you’re living in some twisted parallel universe? Here’s three things you can do now to start working on your goals and to begin to truly living your best life. By living your best life you will inspire those around you to do the same.

1. How do you want to feel? – The answer to that question will be the foundation of the goals you set, the schedule you keep and the things you do to fill the spaces of you day. Get to the heart of how you want to feel. Take some time this weekend and write down your three core desired feelings. When life gets crazy pull out that little slip of paper with those three feelings on them, and take yourself back to center.

2. Gratitude is the Attitude – When life isn’t going the way you think it should stop, drop and pray or meditate or both. Take time each day to notice the blessings. Celebrate what is going right in your life. Doing this will keep things in perspective, expressing gratitude for all that you have, and all you are going through allows the universe to open you up for bigger and better things. Showing gratitude often brings you closer to your goals.


  1. Speaking of noticing blessings – Yesterday when the mechanic called and said my car wouldn’t be fixed before my family’s big trip to St. Louis from West Virginia, I thought, “So many things are going wrong, but I’m not alone. My husband is standing right here with me and he is being so strong for the both of us.”
    I also really appreciate the insight on goal-setting. Sometimes I think we forget the road maps and deadlines.


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