Your Guide To Looking And Feeling Beautiful During Pregnancy


pregnant woman relaxing on sofa touching her bellyBeing pregnant truly symbolizes an emotional turmoil. Sure, for most part of it you and your partner are overwhelmed by the elation of soon becoming parents to a beautiful little baby. Sometimes anxiety strikes when you ponder about the uncertainties that motherhood has in store. The thought of having to breastfeed and change diapers every day, continuously for two years may be a little unsettling. While you battle with these misgivings, morning sickness and food aversions, your well wishers share their insights and words of wisdom to ease your struggle.

There is however, one internal battle that you fight alone; it’s the battle of feeling unattractive. No matter what everyone tells you about the radiant glow that you’ve developed over the course of pregnancy, seeing yourself grow in size each day and having to welcome an unflattering pregnancy wardrobe in your life can be quite the mood spoiler! Skimming through magazines with pictures of Blake Lively carrying off her pregnancy weight with great élan don’t help either.

Well, here’s something that will. Here’s just what you need to look and feel beautiful during pregnancy:

1. Get Dressed Up – Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to confine your wardrobe to ill-fitting, oversized maternity wear. Go out shopping and pick out some uber-stylish outfits to suit your style. Instead of spending the entire morning in your loose PJs after taking a shower, slip into a nice outfit, put on some makeup and wear your best accessory – your smile! Yes, you don’t need good clothes and makeup to look beautiful, but these are just little ways that will help you fight those pregnancy blues and feel good about yourself! A little dressing up never hurt anyone, did it?

2. Pamper Yourself – Of the many perks of being pregnant, being pampered by everyone is a sure winner! While everybody around you plays their part, it’s time you play yours! Pick a day for pure self indulgence and book an appointment at a fancy spa or a salon. Even if you can’t do much about your growing waistline at this stage, you still can play around with the lustrous head of hair that comes with pregnancy. Go on and get a chic haircut, or experiment with your hairstyle. If you’re in the mood to unwind and break free from the continuous pregnancy stress, a revitalizing massage is just what you need! 


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