Getting Out the Door in the Morning (The horror…the horror…)


girls-getting-dressedWhat won’t a parent do to get out the door in the morning at some reasonable time? Very little is off-limits in trying to get out the door in the morning.

Weekday mornings are when we are most likely to violate our normal parenting standards. Below are just a few of the standard categories of such violations.

Bribes: We will use bribes we’d never use, not even at dinner time. For example: “Yes, Emla, you can have a cookie if you let me put your shoes on. No telling momma, though!”

Empty Promises: These are bribes that the parent has no intention of ever fulfilling. For example: “Yes, Emla, you can watch 8 hours of Thomas and eat all the cupcakes you want when we get home tonight if you just let me put these socks on your feet.”

Shortcutting Fails: Some would call this “survival”, but I think this is a bit different. Parental survival is also known as “McGyvering”: getting through things you could have had no clue were coming. In parenting, these situations are, of course, quite common.


  1. I like to hold TV time over their heads. It’s mostly successful.
    Why are socks always especially bunchy right as when you need to leave the house? WHY?!


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