Get Kelly Rowland’s Maternity Fashion


I love it when our moms love what they are wearing. If we could follow you around paparazzi style and document your adorable outfits, we surely would. When it comes to celebrities, the paparazzi actually do it for us – but in this case our style diva posted not one, but two images to Instagram herself! In the first one, Kelly Rowland was recently getting some R&R in Puerto Rico while posing in our Penelope Dress…how stunning does she look?

Screen shot 2014-08-16 at 9.33.09 PM

The second pic, Kelly poses in our Kendra Nursing Top while she gets in on Alicia Key’s #WeAreHere campaign. How cute is she??


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Sarah Pollak has been helping pregnant women look and feel their best for more years than she cares to admit. Her first job ever was at a maternity store while she was still in high school. She worked part time at a maternity store in NYC while she attended Sarah Lawrence College. Then, she did what every good college grad does; she tried doing something “more professional,” but those pregnant women were just too compelling, so she opened Mom’s the Word. That was 18 years ago, after her first son was born and nine months before her second was born.
Now, Sarah has her two teenage sons, and three more “children”; a teenager-Mom’s the Word San Francisco store, a first grader-the Palo Alto store, and a new baby the Los Angeles store, “born” 7/11/14. Mom’s the Word has dressed tens of thousands of happy mamas. Some names you would know, but Sarah won’t name names. She considers all of her customers to be stars. Dressing a new and ever changing silhouette can be a challenge. Most–if not all–of the old rules of what looks good, no longer apply. Sarah is adept at helping pregnant women find the look that they love, which is no doubt the secret to her success. She encourages women to step outside their comfort zone, bringing them colors or shapes that they had not considered. If they hate it, then she supports their decision to stick with what they feel good in, while making them look in the mirror so they look good doing it. Sometimes that extra inch of length on a jacket just makes the whole look all wrong, or all right. It all depends, but sometimes that inch can make a difference. Even on a body that’s gaining an extra 20 square inches!
Sarah does not believe in rules because every woman’s body and spirit are different. What looks great on your BFF or the celeb in the checkout line tabloid may not work well on you. Or maybe it will! Pregnancy is not the end of fashion; in fact, many clients say that shopping at Mom’s the Word makes them felt better than they ever did before. They like getting dressed because they feel cute, and that makes Sarah very happy. Some clients frequent the shop long after their baby is born because the goal at Mom’s the Word is to offer styles, which fit and flatter a bump, but can be worn forever.
From judges and stay-at-home-moms (the hardest working women on earth) to celebs, chefs, lawyers, ballerinas and more, they all have babies and get dressed each day while growing that human!


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