Get Over The Fear of Wearing OTK Boots


Vince Camuto OTK bootsI finally got my first pair of OTK boots…that’s over the knee for those that don’t know. Why did it take me so long? Well, for starters, I wanted to pick out a pair that would be casual enough to wear around during the day. OTK boots during the day?? Yep…it CAN be done. I think there are a lot of options out there for OTK boots but I liked this pair from Vince Camuto the most because they’re suede and have a fun (but comfortable) heel. Had I gone for a super high stiletto and a different fabric, the look would have been totally different and in my opinion, getting dangerously close to Pretty Woman…if you know what I mean. I find that OTK boots can be very sexy…and for some it’s just too much sexiness to handle but not with these boots. I think they did a fab job of being sexy and cool at the same time without making me feel uncomfortable to wear them during the day.

Currently wearing:
Sweater: Cashmere/cotton blend sweater by H&M (see all their options here)
Necklace: Jeweled bib collar c/o Baublebar (see similar here)
Skirt: Ponte Flounce skirt by Ann Taylor (same option but in tall here)
Boots: Hollie OTK boots by Vince Camuto
Clutch: Belle du Jour by YSL

By keeping the rest of my look casual/chic, I was able to wear this outfit during the daytime and even to pick up my daughter from her morning school class.
These boots would also work beautifully for an evening look.
Pair them with black skinny jeans and a fitted blazer for a super chic (and very warm) look.

So moms…what do you think?

They’re not so scary after all, right?

And besides the right amount of sexiness can be a very added perk to our usual “running” around looks.


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