Gambies the Hooded Gown that Grows with Baby is a 100% cotton fleece bunting for newborns that transitions into a toddler sweatshirt/cover-up with the removal of a drawstring. (Well exceeds Federal Drawstring Regulations) The cotton we use is grown in the USA, the gowns are sewn in the USA, and the original designs are hand silkscreened in Central Oregon where Gambies live as a cottage industry in the bustling city of Bend. Awarded the Daily Grommet Award in 2009 for resourcefulness, and creativity in producing a well-made, useful, and whimsical product, Gambies continues to attract a savvy customer both economical and fun loving. What other children’s product on the market today maintains a viable life of nearly 36 months? Cozy by itself, as an added layer of warmth, or breathable protection from the sun, Gambies is essential to any layette and toddler’s wardrobe. The unisex themes make Gambies a “go-to” gift for showers as well as “Welcome to the World” snugglers.


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