For Busy Working Moms: How to Enjoy your Lunch Time More


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FOR BUSY WORKING MOMS: How to enjoy your lunch time more

Itís like a bad habit, most of us know that bringing lunch is good for our health and our purses (or wallets), yet most of the time food courts are packed during lunch time.
Or smokers know smoking is bad, but people still smoke two packs a day.

Itís lunch time. You look at your container with boring salad, it looks sad. Your colleagues come back to their desks with a box of sushi or a hot burger with fries. So you start thinking: ìMaybe I deserve to treat myself something nice and have this salad for dinner.î But deep inside you know that that greasy fried chow Mein noodles isnít as healthy as your homemade salad. You are in a dilemma and you feel a little bit guilty inside.

We will clarify†3 popular Healthy Lunch myths and share a few tips to turn lunch time to fun time. It’s worth it, rather than buying lunch and feeling guilty about spending money every day on take-out.

MYTH # 1:†The Salad Myth: Many think that the only way to have a healthy lunch, is by eating a big bowl of salad. Well… if thatís what you enjoy, go ahead! You are a lucky one! However, if eating salad every day is a dragging pain,†don’t force yourself.†In that case, let’s move on to Point 2.


MYTH # 2:†”Watch what you eat!î
Thatís true, however instead of making a drastic difference from eating pasta for lunch to Low-carb kale salad with quinoa. How about we just make a small tiny change and look from the angle of how much you eat ? If you bring small tiny meals during the day, even if there are six types of snacks, which would be fine.†

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MYTH # 3:†”Stay away from ALL Carbs.”
Relating to Myth # 2, as a result, do not be afraid of the “C”- word: C for Carbs. These days it’s trendy to stay away from carbs. We have fried rice substituted with†cauliflower†rice, pasta substituted with zucchini noodles or zoodles. That’s all good. But if you love that lasagna dish you had last night for dinner, just keep enjoying it, but instead bring a small slice for lunch. It goes back to your portion control.

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2 Lunch Tips:

TIP # 1: Turn boring lunch to FUN lunch: Tired of your boring cold sandwich? Try with different types of cold cuts, cheese and types of bread. Donít have cold cuts at home? Just fry an omelet with some chopped green onion for a nice and convenient change.†

TIP # 2: Do you sometimes bring your lunch home untouched? Me too! Sometimes itís a bag of veggie sticks, an apple, or a yogurt. I started questioning why those items are not being eaten and have tested to find a working solution. The problems were: itís boring to eat it on its own, you didnít have time, you didnít feel like eating those snacks.

Try these proven solutions that worked great for me: bring some crushed granola flakes to your office and top it on yogurt;

  • Slice the apples at home, this way itís easier to snack on it while you are working
  • Bring your favorite dip to go with your veggie sticks.

What tricks do you use to make sure you bring lunch every day?

Nancy imadethisdishNancy is Editor-in-Chief at IMADETHISDISH.COM , she helps busy working moms looking to save time in the kitchen.
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