Food Art for Mom: Meals That Are As Fun to Make As They Are to Eat


Another great way to make breakfast their favorite meal of the day is to cook eggs in different shapes and sizes for your kids. You can spray stainless steel cookie cutters with non-stick oil and place them on your griddle or frying pan. Crack an egg in the center and your kids will be gobbling up their share of protein before they head off to school or camp.

Dinosaurs on the Loose 

Make your kids smile when they open their lunch box – use cookie cutters for another unique meal and shape their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into hearts, dinosaurs and stars. You can add character by slicing up their celery sticks and using them for tree trunks. Use snap peas as the branches and their dinosaur buddies have a palm tree to chomp on. Sliced carrots and string cheese can be styled in the shape of a sun. Now they have the perfect lunch to enjoy, and it might make mom’s kitchen time a little more interesting.

Sometimes it’s all about the meal presentation, and these food art ideas can make your children stop dreading meal times and start getting excited about what their mom will make next. Getting your kids involved in the meal preparation process can encourage long-term healthy eating and make them enthusiastic about breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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