Food Art for Mom: Meals That Are As Fun to Make As They Are to Eat


mom food artAs the mom and main meal-maker in your home, you want fresh ideas for fun, easy meals that will make your kids dig in. If you’re parenting a picky eater, you especially need advice on meals that have great health benefits and that also convince your child that it can be exciting to chow down on new and interesting foods.

But it’s not all about the kids – cooking also needs to fit into your hectic schedule. You need a way to enjoy your time in the kitchen and make your dinner hour an entertaining occasion that brings your family closer together and makes mom’s life easier.

Pizza Made to Order

Have pizza night without ordering out. Use English muffins as the crust and let your kids help decorate. They can create their own pizza muffin man by spooning tomato sauce on top and using sliced green pepper as the smile, shredded mozzarella as the hair and black olives for the eyes. Moms and kids alike will enjoy creating their own pizza characters, and parents can encourage imagination while everyone is gathered at the dinner table.

A Rainbow for Breakfast 

A healthy breakfast for both parents and children is a selection of fresh fruit. Instead of cutting up grapes and bananas and handing them out in bowls, use different colored fruits and design a juicy rainbow on your children’s breakfast plates. Red strawberries, diced oranges and green kiwi arranged in the shape of a rainbow can brighten up your children’s faces and makes a yummy meal for parents too.


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