Do You Follow The Golden Rule?


Don't Forget The Golden RuleMost of us know the 10 commandments (even if we might not be able to recite them), and we know that we should do good and not evil. Thou shalt not kill seems like a pretty easy commandment to follow. But as I was sitting in Church, and the pastor was talking about this and how we should take it one step further and do unto others as you’d have them to do unto you,  I really had a light bulb moment.

And before you click close and move on, give me a moment. I realize not everyone reading this is religious, but this can apply to any (and every) part of our life.

My son who is almost four is really getting an attitude, and when my frustration level has hit its limit with my Husband, I choose to walk away.  But today, I realized that ‘not killing someone’ was a commandment, just like ‘walking way’ can diffuse a heated situation. But what if I would take it one step further? What if I put myself in the other person’s shoes? What if I treated them (in the heat of the moment) how I wanted to be treated?  True that maybe I didn’t fight, but did I show love instead?

With my son, during a frustrated moment, maybe I should stop and give him a hug? When I’m upset, instead of being reprimanded for not listening, I’d rather have a kind word or gesture.

With my husband, when I feel the urge to walk away fuming, maybe I should take a moment to try to see his point of view, show him love, take the high road so to speak instead of running away?

This is definitely some food for thought. I can defuse a situation and not engage or argue. But can I show love at a time when I want to fume and try to justify my side of the story instead?

The Golden Rule – Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.

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  1. It’s so hard to take the high road sometimes! I have learned to put myself into my husband’s place and try to see it his way. We argue less with my new way of thinking.


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