5 Indispensable Beauty Tips For Exhausted Mom


imageBetween picking up dirty socks, trimming fingernails, and making sure my son’s favorite Iron Man tee-shirt is clean, beauty tends to take a backseat, losing out to the quintessential Mom staple –  ratty pony tail and oversized hoodie uniform. But on those days when  I need to look like a functioning person, or just want to feel like a woman, I reach into my pale pink bag of tricks, and rely on these 5 beauty tips to take me from stodgy to stunning.

Beauty Tip 1: Embrace The Rollers.  Although they conjure up images of 1950’s housewives, these life savers not only add volume, body, and lift to limp locks, but unlike its high maintenance cousin, the curling iron, hot rollers free up your hands, allowing Mom to cook breakfast, change diapers, or sweep up Fruity Pebbles.  Leave them in for ten minutes, use your fingers to gently tousle hair, DO NOT BRUSH, and finish off with mist of  hairspray.  You’ll be left with a head full of soft waves.

Beauty Tip 2. Book a Gel Mani.   You know the drill. Kids are napping so you decide to give yourself a manicure. After painstakingly painting each nail and applying topcoat you sit trying not to play with your iPhone and pray your children don’t wake up until your done drying. Save yourself the headache, head to the corner salon and for less then the price of a pack of jumbo pull-ups, you can have glossy, chip free nails for two weeks.


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