How I Fit Exercise Into My Life


young fitness woman legs walking on forest trailI have always struggled with exercise. I could never seem to stick it out long enough to see the results I was looking for and I never cared enough for it to actually stick it out. I tried tons of different workouts but I would always get bored. After having my kids very close together, bed rest and chemo I had gained a substantial amount of weight. When my daughter turned one I decided I needed to make a change. I was always feeling sluggish, my clothes never fit right and I had tons of clothes in my closet that I couldn’t fit into. I decided I had to start exercising.

People always told me that I needed a work-out buddy and that would help me stick it out. I hate working out in front of people. Going for a walk with friends was fine but anything else, forget it. My dad has always been into working out and is a generally very healthy person. He eats right and does some type of exercise probably every day. He owns some workout equipment; an elliptical and a weight machine. Since it is in the privacy of his own home and not in a scary gym I decided to start working out on his equipment.

The first couple times were a little rough. I didn’t push myself too hard and would just try to go a little more each day. For some reason this time was different; I actually wanted to go back the next day. Usually after a week or two of working out I would quit because I would get too busy with life. This time I actually made time for working out and I fit it into my schedule. I couldn’t get over there every day but I would go at least four times a week. It took a while to get some results but I kept at it. This time after years of struggling I finally fit exercise in my life. I also received some words of wisdom: “Exercising is a lifestyle change; you have to make it a part of your lifestyle.” That is so true. Now working out is part of my lifestyle. When I don’t go I actually wish I would have. Before if I missed a couple days I would just think “Oh well” and then I would quit. Now I rarely miss more than two days in a row.


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