Feeling Bad You Skipped Breakfast?


Breakfast. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we call it the fuel time. However we also all know that breakfast can be the most important and also the most hectic time too.

Not many of us get to start a day with a hot cup of coffee, breakfast and peacefully swiping through news updates on our tablet.

For most of us, the morning starts quite hectic with the alarm going off unexpectedly, rushing getting dressed and rushing out of the house to catch the next train or sitting in traffic.  Healthy and nutritious breakfast won’t be in your daily routine, instead it would be replaced with a drive through picking up coffee and muffin.

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We feel guilty for staying up a little bit longer to watch one more episode on Netflix last night. Then we feel guilty for sleeping in just 5 more minutes, that usually ends up to be another hour.

Check out these proven 5 steps to ensure you never skip a healthy breakfast. It’s the best way to start your day.

Since our mornings are usually always hectic, we can’t change much about it. However the evening can still be changed. Just before you sit down for the next episode of House of Cards or The Bachelor, take 5 minutes to prepare for breakfast. You only need 5 minutes. That’s it. (I promise 😐)

The night before ….

Tip # 1:

  • If you like oatmeal for breakfast: add your oatmeal in a pot and leave it on the stove ready for tomorrow.
    Next morning you only need to pour hot water in the pot and cook.

    • If you like cereal for breakfast: leave a box of cereal, an empty bowl, and a spoon on the table. Sorry you can’t leave milk overnight on the table.
      Next morning you just need to get milk from the fridge and add cereal.
    • If you like toasts for breakfast: place 1 or 2 slices of bread on a plate and leave it in the fridge. Next morning you just need to pull out the plate and toast your bread.

    Tip # 2: Drink coffee or tea in the morning? Fill up your kettle the night before.

    Next morning …

    Photo: Alan Cleaver

    Tip # 1: Your alarm goes off. Where do you go next? To the shower to get ready?

    Instead of your usual routine, as soon as you wake up, go into the kitchen before heading into the shower and flick the kettle on

    Why? Hit that kettle. That’s it. Stop asking much. Just do it, please.
    It will take a few minutes to boil your water. So to save some time, might as well get the kettle starting while you brush your teeth.

    Tip # 2: By the time you finish getting ready, your kettle is now hot and ready for you to make some coffee and cook some oatmeal.

    Tip # 3: Still running late? Pack your breakfast into a container and bring it to work.
    This way you still have a healthier breakfast than a muffin every day.

    What is YOUR biggest challenge to wake up every morning?
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