Family Night Ideas That Will Wow Parents


parents family nightGet in touch with your family members during your family night. Whether you schedule it for every Friday night or once a month, family time is a great way to reconnect and make lasting memories between parents and kids. Here are some ideas for original, one-of-a-kind family nights that will put a smile on everyone’s face – and they’re easy to plan for mom or dad. 

Outdoor Movies 

A simple “movie night” can turn into an epic experience when you move the TV under the stars. Get an extension cable and set up your television on your deck (as long as it’s not raining of course). Make a fort with blankets, sleeping bags and pillows and have the kids snuggle up next to parents. If you own a projector, you have an even greater advantage. Hang up a white sheet on the back of your house and watch old family movies and new favorites. Breathing in cool night air and watching a film together can be unforgettable – you have your own homemade drive in. 

Water Wars 

Family “night” can happen anytime, even in broad daylight. Buy a few inexpensive packages of water balloons and get each participant a squirt gun. Split up into teams or have everyone go rogue. Set rules and boundaries and prepare to get wet. A water fight on a hot summer night can cool everyone off as the water extravaganza unfolds. After the fight is over, everyone can race to pick up as many shredded water balloons as possible for a prize! 

Painting Party 

It’s inexpensive and convenient for mom or dad to pick up a few paintbrushes, colorful paint options and blank canvases at a nearby craft store. Have a still-life painting challenge and give awards to most original, most lifelike and most abstract. Kids will practice their artistic skills and parents can start conversations about painting techniques and great artists of history like Van Gogh and Monet. Each family member could choose their own famous painting to copy and hang up in your family room. The paintings will always remind everyone of the family memories made together. 

Cooking Competition 

Look through cookbooks together and pick out a few simple recipes that no one has ever tried. Split up into teams and have one team cook appetizers and the first course. Have the other side work on the second course and dessert. See which team can make the tastiest meal. Mom and dad can instruct kids on basic cooking skills while they work.

Go Back in Time 

Parents get to teach their kids a game from their own childhood – Red Rover, Blind Man’s Bluff, Double Dutch, or any other game that the children don’t know how to play. The parents get to team up on the kids, and the kids can try to beat them at their own game. In turn, the kids teach their parents a modern playground game and gang up on the parents. See who wins the battle of the generations!



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