When Your Family Doesn’t Live Close


I took a first step and had attended a local mom’s group. I knew right away the group wasn’t for me. I had to scratch that one off the list and try another meet-up event. I took my kids to classes, parks, preschool, bible studies, until I began to form acquaintances with some of the moms.

There are now moms I love having play dates with. There are other mothers I meet for coffee with my toddler in tow. I have a childcare center I can drop my child for appointments. I have a list of reputable babysitting websites. I refused to be in a situation without help. Is it hard? Absolutely. But not impossible.

So, if you find you are the new mom on the block. If your family lives five states away and visits twice a year, then dig deeper. There are all sorts of activities where you live. Check them out. Get out of the house. Strike up a conversation with another mother. You won’t be best friends in the first five minutes, but maybe someday she’ll be someone you trust to watch your children. You’ll find more mothers are in your position than you could ever imagine. You simply have to start somewhere.

You might have already tried everything to make new friends, and still, your support system is lacking. Maybe now is a good time to stop trying. Focus the time on nurturing your own interests. The isolation or lack of friends in your life might be the perfect time to take on a hobby you’ve ignored since the birth of your first child or finish a project you can never seem to finish. Maybe through that avenue, you will meet other moms with similar interests.


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