My Eternal Family Tree LLC


My name is Lisa Brambilla-Doble. I am a wife, mother, pet lover, cancer survivor and entrepreneur. I tapped into my love for pets to create BioUrn, a biodegradable cremation urn for pets that holds the entirety of their cremated remains, along with soil and a seed. BioUrn is sold in a kit, and comes with everything needed, and is so easy to prepare, the whole family can participate including the children. Once it is planted, the BioUrn grows a memorial tree as a living tribute to our beloved companions who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Saying “Good Bye” to a family pet is never easy, but BioUrn helps to make the transition more of a “circle of life” experience that celebrates a life well lived and blooms eternal. BioUrn has been embraced by the veterinary community and is seen as a green solution to a very old problem. My Eternal Family Tree is a Veteran owned business, and BioUrn is handmade in the US


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