Embrace This Summer With Your Middle School Daughter


320448_10201293717614333_440572300_nI have a twelve year old girl, who is just on the verge of entering Middle School — that phase where her friends are all that matter and her parents are (um…not so cool).

Because I have an older daughter in her twenties who grew up before my eyes, I’m clinging on to this time with my youngest daughter. I know the stages that are right around the corner and that slowly she will start spending most of her time with her friends and want more privacy at home and time to herself.

So my plan is to take the time to enjoy her this summer. Summer is a time for making memories.  It’s magical.  I want to spend as much time with her as I can.  I want to catch fireflies, go camping and take a ride to the beach.  I want to enjoy the sun and appreciate the long days and evenings outside.  I know the power in these moments, because my mother shared them with me at that age and I remember them vividly. I have always treasured all those little details.

I wish I could keep her from some of the challenges and heartaches that lie ahead, but I know she will have to navigate some of those waters without me and I’m hoping that she has the kind of friends that I have to be there for her along the way.

For now, I think I will just embrace the magic of summer and try not to forget that it’s the little things that matter….






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