Family Bonding Through Educational Games & Activities


Recycled Crafts

Give your child a lesson in conservation by organizing crafts made from recycled materials. Gather your materials like old newspapers, water bottles, cardboard boxes, etc., and then give suggestions about what you can make together using these materials. Let her come up with the project and then assist her in assembling it.

Giant Storytime

Cut out letters of the alphabet from foam sheets, making each one as large as you can. Cut out a few alphabets worth so that you have several of each letter. Clear the floor in a room and create a giant story! If your child is old enough to set up her own words, trade off and put in a word each to create the story. If she hasn’t learned enough words yet, ask her what she’d like the next word to be and sound it out together.

Get Some Pictures!

Just like with every other moment of your young child’s life, be sure to get as many pictures as you can of your educational games and bonding. Not only will you enjoy looking back at every second, but you can use them for the ultimate bonding craft project: a scrapbook!



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