Family Bonding Through Educational Games & Activities


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In our digital age, there are computers and games to do everything for us, including occupying our children and giving them educational games to play. For many parents, the shame of putting your child in front of a screen so you can get a moment to yourself no longer exists under the same scrutiny that it once did. However, there’s something to be said for good old crayons and paper and sitting on the floor with your child while she learns, plays, and holds up her next masterpiece for you to hang on the fridge, or frame for your desk. You can make the most of these bonding moments with crafts that turn your little artist into the next genius of her age.

Make Up a Board Game

Every young child has a favorite board game that they want to play over and over, but as an adult that can quickly get pretty boring. Instead of dreading the 3,000th game of Candyland or Chutes and Ladders, create a new board game with your child. Let her come up with things like the name, different twists and turns, and what the pieces look like, leaving you to sneak in different challenges that enhance her cognitive thinking skills.

Holiday Grab Bag

As parents, you need to teach your little one about charity. You can do this by creating a holiday grab bag full of home made gifts that you deliver to a nursing home or even a hospital children’s wing. Show her about compassion for others and that she doesn’t have to be afraid of children that look different. She will learn a valuable lesson – you will both feel good about the deed, and you’ll feel good about your parenting skills!

Neighborhood Pot Luck

Invite your friends or neighbors to a potluck picnic and make all of the decorations with your child. She will learn about planning ahead for an event and, if you add a theme, the exercise will be even better.


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