Dos and Don’ts of Mother-Daughter Fashion  


Let’s Start with the Don’ts of Mother/Daughter Fashion.

  • Don’t go for a matchy-matchy look, as color-coordinated outfits are usually labeled as old-fashioned and boring
  • Don’t wear shoes and socks in the same color (especially if that color is gray). This rule was applied decades ago; at this point it will only make you look ridiculous.
  • Don’t buy a skirt, a dress or a pants suit just because it looked awesome on the hanger or on a flawless model; make sure the item of choice is actually doing you justice.
  • Don’t avoid black, thinking that dark tones are only suitable for funerals. Black is the new black. Play with different cuts to accentuate your best features and black will always surprise you with its slimming effect.
  • Don’t wear black belts with black shoes and black bags. The same goes for a brown-based outfit. Both alternatives look incredibly depressing and suggest that you’ve been recently transported in from the early 60s.

A Short List of Dos That You Should Factor in

  • When you barely have time to shower, pull your hair back in a sleek pony, add a string of pearls and a black dress and you’re ready to conquer the world.
  • Invest in a quality bra. Moms will feel even more comfortable while wearing it; plus it will make all your clothes look better on you.
  • You can never go wrong with pastels and silky textures, especially during spring and summer when these elements automatically become top picks.
  • Invest in subtle metallic accessories. Trends may come and go, but gold and silver jewelry will always stay in fashion no matter what.
  • It is always better to be overdressed, rather than being under dressed. Showing way too much skin in public is a wrong move at any age.

Parents, especially moms, are supposed to have a flawless sense of style that they can pass on to their youngsters. How would you rate your fashion choices?



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