Dos and Don’ts of Mother-Daughter Fashion  


moms and daughters fashionSomehow, working moms always seem to have the energy required for multiple projects. They make breakfast, take the kids to school, spend at least eight hours trapped inside an office, get back home, prepare food, do some cleaning and start looking for ideas for a delicious, frugal dinner.

On top of that, they manage to look like fabulous urban goddesses. How do they do it all? Most of them invest in premium, decently-priced clothing essentials (like a navy pencil skirt or a white blazer) and in awesome-looking, unique accessories allowing them to interpret key pieces in countless ways. Are you a busy mom who is in desperate need of styling advice? Below you will find a few mother/daughter fashion tips that you may want to apply to improve your appearance. But first, check out the answer to a very pressing question that may be on your mind:

Should the Mother and Daughter Styles Be Interchangeable?

The shortest answer is NO. To avoid fashion disasters, don’t try to replicate your daughter’s style. It won’t work, not even if your daughter is 20 and you are barely in your 40s, and in excellent shape. What may look good on a teenager will seldom flatter a young mom. After all, can you picture yourself in an extremely tight crop top paired with stilettos and an ample A-line skirt? We didn’t think so. Real beauty is ageless; nonetheless parents and kids will always have a different take on fashion.

As long as you dress your age and find key pieces reflecting your personality and sense of style, you will always manage to stay in the safe zone and avoid creating controversy around your outfits. Even though they are founded on different style principles, both mother and daughter styles can be upgraded by simply paying attention to the following dos and don’ts.


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