Discussing the Financials: To Pay For Childcare or To Stay Home?


Happy Mother Breast Feeding Her Baby InfantYour newborn takes up a lot of your time and when the baby first comes home, you don’t mind at all. Actually, it’s the thought of leaving your little one at home for the first time so that you can go back to work that can be devastating. It may seem crazy to everyone you know who doesn’t have children, but you know that you’d rather spend every second of your baby’s first year watching and growing along with him. The reality, in many cases, is that this can be a real option and it may even save you some money. The cost of good childcare is rising and you want your baby to be safe while you’re not around. And when you do the math, that cost might just be what’s eating up your entire salary.

The Childcare Discussion

Making a decision to use outside childcare is a team effort. A partner or other family members are likely to be involved with helping you care for your child and, if you all work together, using outside childcare is not necessary. There are a few points that should be touched upon while having the childcare discussion.

  • Research the different childcare options in your area and their costs. Discuss what you want from your outside childcare provider. Do you simply want your child to be safe and well cared for or are you also looking for a facility that will provide early education?
  • How far away is your preferred childcare facility? The costs of gas as well as the wear and tear on your car need to be accounted for when deciding on the kind of childcare that you want. This is also a necessary consideration when a family member is involved in helping out. Sure, grandma’s house doesn’t cost you anything but letting her spoil your child with a few extra treats, but you still have to spend money on gas to get there.


  1. I decided to stay at home and work from home, but I was able to find a daycare to take my young one two mornings a week. This allowed me to refresh, as well as give my daughter the enjoyment of meeting and playing with other kids.

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