Discussing the Financials: To Pay For Childcare or To Stay Home?

  • What does your preferred childcare facility provide? If you have to bring your own diapers, wipes, rash cream, toys, or snacks, these are costs that should be considered. Your own preferences are involved here as well. If the childcare facility that you like best gives out snack crackers and your child will only eat fruit snacks, you’ll have to provide that snack.
  • How long will you be at work every day? If you’re gone for a long period and you decide to use a nanny or outside childcare facility, housekeeping may suffer. After a long shift at work, you’ll be tired and you’ll want to spend that time before bed with your baby, not cleaning up the house. In this case, the cost of a housekeeper or cleaning person should be factored in.

Separation Anxiety

Many times, you and your child enjoy being together so much that the thought of leaving makes both of you upset. You need to realize that it’s okay to want to stay home and read your and your child’s favorite books, cook together, learn together, and enjoy the time when he or she is growing up. If the financials end up being close and you won’t save very much by going back to work, the option to stay home could be more worth than hiring outside help. In the end, you should go with what feels right for you!


  1. I decided to stay at home and work from home, but I was able to find a daycare to take my young one two mornings a week. This allowed me to refresh, as well as give my daughter the enjoyment of meeting and playing with other kids.


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