D.U.O. EmpowerMEnt Services


I am a Laughter through Life Coach with D.U.O. EmpowerMEnt Services! I coach individuals through Discovering their Unlocked Opportunities, and creating a plan to utilize these opportunities for their better. I believe in the health and wellness of the entire person. When people ask… Who is your client base.. I answer EVERYONE! Everyone needs to laugh and maintain positive mental health. If people are stuck, I am here as a Certified Laughter Coach, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, to help them navigate a path that takes them back to holistic health and wellness. You cannot go wrong with a Laughter Coach… and I am excited to serve you!

D.U.O. EmpowerMent Services is a Life Coaching, Consulting, and Therapy firm providing services to individuals, groups, corporate entities, and ministries.


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