Creating a Safe As Well As Attractive Bathroom for Your Children


Many people have the luxury of making a separate bathroom for their kids and children. This is possible only when you have a house of your own. It is indeed a good practice but people often do not have the facility or the means of doing so. Children should be taught bathroom manners and habits when they are very young. At this age, children tend to learn faster and remember the habits lifelong. And if the habits and manners are taught in a well decorated bathroom especially for your kids, they would definitely love the experience of the same.elegant-shower-curtain-275x300

Here are some simple tips for making a great children’s bathroom:

Using the right paints and colors on the walls

Kids and children are usually very fond of bright and vibrant colors. You can paint the bathroom in contrasting shades of light and dark to give a nice vibrant look. If your kids are really small, you can add attractive pictures on the walls of their favorite cartoon characters. For teenagers, things might be a little softer and sober. Teens usually prefer lowered tones in paint colors as well as in other bathroom décor.

Adjust the heights of the basins, towel rings and cabinets

While creating a bathroom for your kid, keep in mind that the things in the washroom should be according to their age and height. It is obvious that kids will neither be able to reach the height of the basin for the adults nor will they be able to reach the towel rings. In a child’s bathroom, these accessories should be installed as per the child’s height. In case you are keeping a standard height, use attractive stools or pedestals on which children can stand and access the basin or the towel ring.

Use attractive wall tiles and shower curtains

Children love cartoons and animated characters. Why not have them in the child’s bathroom as well? The wall tiles in the children’s bathroom can have pictures of their favorite cartoon and animated characters so that children can have a great time in the bathroom while taking a shower or using the toilet. The Designer shower curtains that are installed might also have attractive paintings and pictures to make the bathroom look brighter. It is better to use natural materials for the shower curtains.


kids-bathroom-300x242Making the bathroom safe for the kids

Bathrooms are one of the most accident prone zones in the house. It is very important to ensure safety of the kids in the bathrooms. When not in use, the washroom should be dry. The floor tiles that are chosen for the kid’s bathroom should not be very smooth in texture as chances of skidding with wet feet are high. Look for tiles that have a little rugged surface. It is also important to have bathmats to avoid slipping.

Ensure all accessories are in place in children’s bathrooms

All the bathing accessories that the children need should be there in the bathroom at reachable heights. This includes the toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoos, soaps, towels and similar items. Antiseptic soaps and lotions are a must in these bathrooms.


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