It’s Complementary


It’s Complementary carries unique, versatile and stylish items that complement one another and your busy lifestyle.

Us busy women have to multi-task in our daily lives, so why shouldn’t our fashion do the same? The Hipknoties multiway garment is an amazing wardrobe staple that can be worn unlimited ways….Lena Bernard jewelry practices Fair Trade, is handmade in Indonesia, thereby supporting the community by hiring local artisans…and the 1Facewatch charity watch is not just a watch, it’s a way to help make positive changes to our world. We also carry some other fun jewelry and functional great looking handbags.

It’s Complementary is not only restricting itself to online sales… We are actively seeking out community events at which we can donate back to various charities. We are also open to getting involved with fundraisers through sales of the charity watches… we feel this is something even our children can participate in!


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