How to Choose the Best Stroller for Your Lifestyle


Full length of beautiful young mother pushing baby carriage in pFor the first few years of your child’s life you’ll be getting a better workout than any gym can give you by carrying him around. Sometimes, babies just need to be held and they love you so much that they don’t ever want you to put them down. Other times, you need your hands free to pay the cashier at the grocery store, eat your favorite entrée when you’re out to lunch with a friend, or get the feeling back in your arms after a fussy baby’s particularly needy day of being with you while you run errands.

Every Child and Every Lifestyle is Different

It stands to reason that you can’t go for a jog with a baby in your arms or drag a small child on a long hike during a camping trip. For these things and many more, you need a stroller so that your baby or small child can safely join you on any outing and so you can do things like eat, drink, and sit down without holding on to your squirming little one. Every lifestyle is different, whether it comes down to the budget, your child’s tendency to roam and grab at parts of the stroller, where you will be going with your stroller, or the space that you have to store multiple strollers if your lifestyle calls for it. There are several types of strollers out there and one (or more) of them is perfect for you, but before you decide, consider the following:

  • Where are you going with your stroller? A jogging stroller is excellent for long walks and the wheels will go over curbs and through dirt or sand pretty easily, but you’ll run into trouble if you try to wield it through narrow supermarket isles or through small doorways. This is like the monster truck of strollers. If you’re not encountering rough terrain or bouncing along a hiking trail or bumpy sidewalk, a small standard stroller might be better for you.
  • How much room do you have to store your stroller (or strollers)? Most standard strollers come in a variety of sizes and uses and will fold up small enough to fit into a trunk or closet without taking up too much space. If you have an active lifestyle that requires more than one type of stroller, consider making some space in the closets.


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