Our Children Are Watching


Image (6)Honestly, I never gave it much thought when I exercised around Lil Man.  When he was younger, I would sneak in workouts whenever I could. And most of the time, he wound up participating somehow in some way.

Planks consisted of him sitting on me. He would yell for me to continue lifting him up and down. It became very motivating as he cheered me on. Have you ever tried to do yoga with the help of a toddler? Let’s just say there usually isn’t a lot of ‘meditation and quiet’ when it comes to yoga workouts with the help of a little one. He’s knocked me out of downward dog more than once.

But children are watching. They are absorbing. And exercising is becoming a part of Lil Man’s life. He was playing with some building blocks, and he puts this thing together and said “Look, I made exercise!” (He of course is referring to what looks like a dumbbell, because he’s watched me numerous times do bicep curls). And one of his favorite things to do is bounce up and down on the Bosu Ball while I workout.

Now that he’s a little older, I try my best to somehow modify and incorporate some exercises that he can do. Although my dumbbells are a little too heavy, I usually also use some resistance bands, and that is something that Lil Man is also able to do. I will do a set, and he will do a set. He of course loves that he’s doing what I’m doing, and I love that he (without really realizing it) is making exercise a healthy habit. And I hope this is a habit that he continues for the rest of his life.

So, when you pop in that Pilates DVD, or Yoga, or whatever workout it is that you do, take notice, because they are watching. We are their living example.

Amy Glass is a Stay-At-Home Mom, Wife, Runner and blogger. You can find her at Will Run For Ice Cream.


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