10 Party Options for a Cold-Weather Birthday.

Both my kids have birthdays in changeable cold weather months. My daughter falls in the beginning of April and my son in the middle...

Cute Beagle and Baby Video! #GoingViral

Cute Beagle surprised his little baby friend and created a ball party in her crib!! Too cute!

Little Girl Dancing Like Her Mother!! So Awesome! #GoingViral

6 Reasons Why You Should be a Swinger

Do you want to do something easy and fun that will make you weightless? Do you want to feel the breeze in your hair...

Why moms get NOTHING DONE! :) MUST SEE! #GoingViral

Yep! Looks about right :)

The Grocery Store Game

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you envision a mother towing children into the grocery store? Peace and harmony? Giggles and...

Too funny! Mom dances to Thriller to induce labor!! #GoingViral

HILARIOUS video! Would you try this if you were overdue?

How I Raised My Kids in the Car

We are fortunate to have a beautiful home, but we have spent an inordinate amount of time in the car over the past 20...

Valentine’s Day: S. Korean Style!

♥ Hello! I've heard of couples who refuse to celebrate Valentine's Day, because "it's all about consumerism." I get it--there are ads everywhere featuring expensive...

12 Different Daddy Daughter Dates

Too often, Mommy spends most of the time with the children, providing the bulk of emotional support for the family.  When we found out...