Moms Magazine Curator


Moms Magazine Curators are responsible for finding the web’s most irresistible, viral, and must-read (and see) parenting content while focusing on generating fresh content with an unmistakable “share” appeal. We’re a start-up, and have a limited number of contributing writers and curators, so your work will get featured front and center, often.

You must be able to find and write up at least five to ten amazing pieces per week that will get published to Moms Magazine (and plan on each piece taking 10-20 minutes to write).

Your job might include testing headlines, developing new ways to connect potential audiences with Moms Magazine content, or helping a lesser-known story get read by millions of people. You will work directly with Moms Magazine’s Managing Editor to make sure your story is fabulous because the more viral a story goes – the better.

We’re currently looking for curators who have a passion and expertise in parenting, pregnancy, babies, toddlers, little kids, teens, lifestyle, food, fitness, home design and style for kids, and mompreneurs.

In your application, please specify your area of expertise.


  • Your own computer set-up.
  • Phone and Internet access 24/7.
  • A good sense of humor.
  • Clear communication skills.
  • Attention to detail, seriously. This is Key!
  • Tech skills and Internet savvy.
  • Ability to manage projects and hit deadlines.
  • Self-manager, self-teacher, and self-starter.
  • Understanding of and love for social media! If you have a great blog plus a Facebook, Twitter & Instagram account with a dedicated following, that’s a good sign!

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