How can I tell if my child suffers from a binge eating disorder?


Binge eating disorder, also known as compulsive overeating, is a serious condition. It is much different from overeating every once in a while, which is actually quite common. The disorder results in large amounts of overeating, and those who suffer from the condition do not stop when they become full. In fact, people who binge eat actually feel powerless, as if they are spiraling out of control.

You might notice that your child is overweight, which is a common sign of binge eating disorder. Of course, not every overweight person suffers from this condition. If you do suspect that your child has a problem with food, it is wise to talk to the pediatrician. The sooner you build a healthy relationship between your child and food, the better.


Always check with your doctor regarding questions on your health for you or you baby.


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