Business Soulwork by Ling Wong


Business Soulwork is the synergistic relationship between business and personal growth to create an upward spiraling helix that when one improves, the other gets brought upward as well.

Business – day-to-day and practical – can be a framework for attaining our highest potential. When you are out of alignment with your truth, your strength, your value and your vision, the misalignment is reflected in your business – often times as revenue – which makes it a perfect mirror to show you if your actions are actually taking you closer to your fullest expression of your potential, and you truth.

We started our business so we can live our purpose by doing what we love. I believe that our business can be a full expression of ourselves. To build such a business, we need to KNOW our CORE essence. To make it happen, it takes GUTS, trust, and stick-to-it-ness. It takes inner work and strength to stay the course – and that’s where Business Soulwork comes to help you live your Truth.


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