The Bronzing Affair


The Bronzing Affair is your premier luxury mobile bronzing company. Whether you have a wedding, social engagement, reunion, school dance, cheer competition or just a special night out, The Bronzing Affair will be at your service promptly and professionally.

We know how busy moms are, there is just not time to lay around outside to tan, you can’t go to the tanning beds with little one in tow, and you never know what the product is coming out of the spray tan booths. We use hypo-allergenic, organic, quality bronzer and then provide product for after care. We strive for the best customer service possible, we want you to come back, this can be just a little pampering (it will be our little secret). Being completely mobile it is perfect for mom’s with kids, the process only takes 10 minutes and you are in the comforts of your own home. Now if you want/can get away you are more than welcome to come to our location. Come pamper yourself. give your body a little touch up or summer glow!


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